Smart2Go Design Contest Winner

May 10, 2022

Smart2Go Design Contest which launched in January 2022 finally has a winner.

Out of 5 proposals evaluated in the first round, 3 proposals were selected as finalists. Expert judges evaluated the uniqueness of the proposed design, the market potential of the product, as well as user experience. Additionally, they also focused on aspects of sustainability, such as source of materials or recyclability and on the general feasibility of the project.

All selected finalists had the chance to work with Smart2Go experts in the second phase of the contest. The component providers and experts in their fields assisted them with improving their proposals for the final selection.

Once the proposed changes were implemented, the jury of the Contest faced a tough discussion, as all the contestants showed a unique approach to using the Smart and Flexible Energy Supply Platform.

Finally, the BAGSOLATE team was selected as the winners of the cash prize, which they will receive on a meeting with the consortium in June. To appreciate the effort of all finalists, all three contestants will have the chance to meet and network with all the project partners in person and get some valuable feedback.

Congratulations to the winner and good luck in implementing your project!