Smart2Go aims at the creation of a pre-standardized, universal, autonomous, scalable and flexible energy-supply platform for a wide range of products and application scenarios of wearable electronics.

This aim will be achieved by the combination of a powerful, thin and scalable battery with appropriate energy harvesting technologies. Each unit will be capable for a storage capacity up to 110 mWh (10 cm² area). All the performances (no damages or capacity loss) are retained after bending. The OPV modules have 40 Wp/m² and succeeded the 10.000 winding/unwinding bending tests. Additional components (supercapacitors and thermoelectric modules) will be finalized during summer. The project will also develop ultrathin and lightweight films that will provide protection against environmental and mechanical impacts, handling and radiation.

A standalone fully programmable testing device (1-layer printed circuit board on PET, overall size: 20 x 40 mm) comprising of Bluetooth communication platform, an energy harvesting circuitry, on-board printed antenna and an accelerometer component was developed. In parallel, several electrically conductive adhesives (ECA) were investigated with the aim to identify the most reliable and user-friendly interconnection technologies, able to connect the various parts of the Smart2Go platform.

A roll-to-roll manufacturing process for the integration of all the components into the Smart2Go energy supply platform will ensure suitable production capacity with low manufacturing costs.

The performance of the Smart2Go energy supply platform will be demonstrated in two application cases: (1) sport equipment integrating Smart2Go platform and pressure sensitive array and (2) safety garment integrating Smart2Go platform and lighting technologies (OLEDs). They represent a challenge for the demonstration of the Smart2Go platform reliability in extreme environment (i.e. cold temperature, snow, rain, etc.) and a proof of the technical feasibility of the Smart2Go solutions.

Smart2Go project has a duration of 36 months, please, stay updated about the upcoming project results!