Project team

Smart2Go includes top EU innovation performers (researchers and companies) involved in flexible electronics and energy scavenging and storage, as well as 2 partners with very challenging product use scenarios, validating the platform as suitable for multiple needs.



The Smart2Go External Advisory Board (EAB) is setup with the aim to receive support in the following aspects:

1) Exploring new applications and interaction with the end-users;

2) Interaction with industrial integrators and manufacturers;

3) Standardization and pre-normative activities and

4) Networking, clustering and interaction with SMEs associations.


The Smart2Go EAB members are:

  1. Dr. Alan Hodgson, Chair of IEC TC 119 (Printed Electronics), responsible for standardization of terminology, materials , processes, equipment, products and health/safety/environment in the field of printed electronics
  2. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Moosheimer, Professor for Printing Technologies at Munich University of Applied Sciences, providing advises regarding Design of new Flexible Electronics and as jury panel of the Smart2Go Design Contest on new applications
  3. Mr. Pekka Makkonen, CEO at Flexbright Ltd, providing flexible hybrid LED-lighting foils with high technical performance. The company has a roll-to-roll hybrid integration process line at Oulu, Finland site. Potential Smart2Go integrator and industrial manufacturer of the Smart2Go platform.
  4. Dr. Klaus Hecker, Managing Director of the Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A), supporting the project in networking and interaction with SMEs and industries.
  5. Dr. Thomas Kolbusch, Vice President of Coatema Coating Machinery, providing support from machine perspective on the process (R2R coating) to ensure that Smart2Go processes are scalable to pilot and later industrial scale.
  6. Ms. Simona Maccagnani, Head of the IED Research and Innovation Center at IED Istituto Europeo di Design, representing Design Network and as jury panel of the Smart2Go Design Contest on new applications